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This is a roleplaying community for Power Rangers, moderated by anzupeach and megthelegend.

Story: In the present day, Power Rangers, their nemesis and allies have started going missing. The ones that disappear fall asleep, and awaken to find themselves in a dark wooded area. Looking above themselves, they can’t see the sky, only rock and earth. Attempts to morph and communicate with teammates not found with them prove unsuccessful. Those with special abilities outside of their Ranger form can still use them.

Further exploration reveals what appears to be a primitive village that seems to have been left behind for many years; but is it really abandoned…

Meanwhile, a team of the remaining Rangers and allies gather to locate and rescue their lost comrades.

All characters welcome, including rangers, villains, and support characters (Fran, Boom, Piggy, etc.). To apply for a character please go here. To make an OOC comment or ask a question, please go here.

The list of who's where is here.

Details on the foes facing our heroes are here. The Boraro are foot soldiers like Putties or Rinshi. They could almost be human if they weren't freakishly hairy woodland demons. Feel free to have them come in to crash a thread or post.

Huecuvus are like the MoTWs. You can give them any sort of description and name (godchecker.com is great for names if you're feeling a little on the uncreative side); but try to keep these guys down to 1 or 2 at once in the comm since morphing will be limited and it could make 'em hard to defeat.

Pillan's the Big Bad. The Auca God of Thunder, Lightning and Volcanoes, he's decided he wants to revive the spirits of his ancient people through the Rangers, their allies and Villains to have a strong army to take over the world. If you want to use Pillan, please talk to anzupeach or megthelegend.

Details on the facilities available to each team, including food, water, bathing etc, can be found here. Basically for the inside people there's fresh water, fruit, and some items in the old houses which can be used for bedding, clothing, and so on. The outside people have more with them, including medical supplies and proper (though camp-like!) bedding, with more available through Boom and the teleporter -- however the teleporter is very unreliable.

(please note - if a character or characters have been reserved for you already, we still need you to fill out the application form! But you can take your time. :) )


1. No God-moding. If your character doesn't know character X in canon then they don't know 'em in the RP until introduced / explained etc. Not a big deal for things like names, so if they haven't been formally introduced but your character starts calling them by name anyway after a few comments, that's OK. A big deal for things like powers, history, relationships with OTHER characters, and so on. If your character doesn't know those things in canon, they don't know it here unless someone explains.

2. Don't move or speak for other characters without permission. This can be a fuzzy area. You need to let the other players respond as their characters as THEY wish to, however writing in something like the other character looking at yours, or walking towards yours, or looking sad if your character is saying something sad, all that is OK. However, if in doubt, ask! And if you don't like something another person does with one of your characters, ask them to change it!

3. Posts should have OOC comments at the top if you wish to restrict them to particular characters (otherwise it's a free for all - if you don't restrict them, anyone can join).

4. At times two posts will have the same character active simultaneously. Avoid it where you can, but sometimes it's unavoidable and OK. For example if you're playing out a conversation in one location in one post, if you need to join a new post, you can state something like "(OOC - still active in the other post). After I finished talking to... I headed over to..." That leaves room for the first conversation to finish playing out.

5. If you have a big plot in mind - talk to the mod(s) first. Use your judgement about this. Anything involving multiple characters / all characters or a big revelation about the ongoing storylines = talk to the mods. Anything involving just your character and a few others, you can arrange that amongst yourselves, that's fine. E.g. relationship difficulties, one character getting hurt and others helping, a fight, etc. etc.

6. To start plots, you can arrange things outside the RP with the other players, or you can just start them and see what happens. See who responds. See what you come up with. Both ways are lots of fun.


*******PLEASE NOTE: Some people such as me (megthelegend) are over their character limits! And some characters are not terribly active. If you're interested in one that's already been claimed, please let us know -- you might be able to have it.*******

Claimed characters:

Kimberly Hart (Meagan / incisively)
Trini Kwan (etapa)
Adam Park (Andrew / redius)
Alpha 6 (not technically MMPR but hey!) (Andrew / redius)

Original characters -- villains
Drake Gordon (essentially a descendant of a clone of Tommy Oliver -- see here for backstory) (Sid / hitbyasmoothc)

Matt - (Lian / lfire1)

Katherine "Kat" Hillard (Lauren / lkwreader/ windchaserkat)

Ashley Hammond (Lauren / lkwreader / dunestarashley)
Justin Stewart (Akume / tsukino_akume), playing from post season

In Space
Carlos (Britin / britin / blackngreen)
Ashley Hammond (IS version) (Challon / lunaria_kitty)
Zhane (Challon / lunaria_kitty)
Andros (Akume / tsukino_akume)

Lost Galaxy
Kai Chen (Jackie / anzupeach/ anzupeach_rp)
Karone (Lauren / lkwreader/ pinkgirlkarone)
Leo Corbett (Britin / britin)
Kendrix Morgan (Arytra / arytra)

Lightspeed Rescue
Ryan Mitchell (Lauren / lkwreader / ryan_mitchell)
Chad Lee (Terrierlee / terrierlee)
Kelsey Winslow (Jackie / anzupeach/ anzupeach_rp)

Time Force
Wes (Arytra / arytra)
Katie (Mariko / mariko_azrael)
Trip (Meg / megthelegend)
Lucas (Britin / britin/ berri_parfait)
Eric (Lauren / lkwreader/ eric_myers)

Wild Force
Danny (Mariko / mariko_azrael)
Max (Meg / megthelegend)
Taylor (Meg / megthelegend)

Ninja Storm
Cam Watanabe (Meg / megthelegend)
Dustin Brooks (Britin / britin/earth_ninja)
Hunter Bradley (Britin / britin / crimzonthundar)
Blake Bradley (Britin / britin / factory_blue)
Shane Clarke (Britin / britin / air_ninja)

Dino Thunder
Kira Ford (Erin / chibi_hidaka)
Conner McKnight (Arytra / arytra)
Ethan James (Meg / megthelegend)

Bridge Carson (Meg / megthelegend)
Sydney "Syd" Drew (Jackie / anzupeach/ anzupeach_rp)
Jack Landors (scifislasher / scifisentai/j_landors)
Elizabeth "Z" Delgado (Erin/ chibi_hidaka)

Mystic Force
Xander Bly (Jackie / anzupeach/ anzupeach_rp)

Operation Overdrive
Dax Lo (Terrierlee / terrierlee)
Tyzonn (Erin / chibi_hidaka)
Spencer (Mariko / mariko_azrael)

Jungle Fury
Casey (Jackie / anzupeach/anzupeach_rp)
Lily (Erin / chibi_hidaka)
Theo (Quesera / quesera_fics)
RJ (Erin / chibi_hidaka)
Fran (Julia / cutebunny43)
Dominic (Meg / megthelegend)